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Faye Cortes | Quality Assurance Administrator

Faye is a highly motivated and team-orientated employee with extensive experience for over 13 years in Customer Service and Sales. Her work ethic is deeply rooted in the principles of integrity and loyalty. Faye possesses a genuine passion for delivering knowledgeable and friendly service, aiming to resolve customers' issues and promote high levels of customer satisfaction. As a Quality Assurance Administrator, this remains her foremost criterion when evaluating calls. Faye firmly believes that exceptional customer service plays a pivotal role as it takes months to build customer loyalty, while it only takes a few seconds to lose it. 

Faye is a dedicated mother to her energetic 4-year-old son. One of their favorite activities is indoor camping. They pretend to roast marshmallows, tell stories, and enjoy the adventure of sleeping in a tent, all within the comfort of their living room. When Faye manages to find some time for herself, she prefers quiet and relaxing activities. She enjoys reading e-books, diving into captivating stories that transport her to different worlds. Additionally, she finds pleasure in watching movies and indulging in K-dramas, immersing herself in the lives of fascinating characters and their stories.

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