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Sarah Maiolo | Quality Assurance Specialist

Sarah is a highly motivated customer service & sales guru with 13 years' experience across sales, retail & healthcare industries working for well-known global businesses. Sarah has a passion for customer-based settings where she can offer support, motivation and skill-building to help others achieve excellence in customer service. She is organised, efficient and well known for a warm and caring disposition in her professional relationships.

Outside of work, Sarah likes to buy more books than she has time to read, binge shows on Netflix and bake sugary goods. On weekends, she loves to spend time on the couch cuddling her dog August or catching up with family and friends over a good meal. She's obsessed with all kinds of music - from musicals to Taylor Swift - and loves to play the piano. She can also be found planning her next holiday and dreaming about all the delicious things she's going to eat there. After working for Disney, she's also made it her bucket list item to visit all the Disney parks in the world. Next stop: Tokyo!

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