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Kristine Liwanag | Quality Assurance Administrator

With her positive attitude and determination, Kristine is now approaching 15 years of experience as a Customer Service Specialist. She is committed and dedicated to her role and portrays  persistence and enthusiasm in completing all her tasks. Faith demonstrates the true value of "commitment" and a "get stuff done" attitude. 

Outside of work, Kristine's passion lies in the world of Korean dramas. She is an avid fan who can easily devour a 16-episode drama in just a single day. She is a dedicated follower of the internationally renowned K-pop boy band, BTS. Driven by her passion for Korean culture, Kristine embarked on a journey to Korea, curious to discover if the locals truly possessed the renowned beautiful skin often depicted in dramas and popular culture. The anticipation of the weekend brings great joy to Kristine, as it provides her with ample time to spend with her mischievous Shih Tzu dog named "Chichi." She embraces these interests wholeheartedly, finding joy and fulfillment in the things that bring her happiness.

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