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What our clients say about Call Quality Program

"Alex, Kat, Annie, and the crew at IBS have done wonders for our customer service team here at Duralift. We started our call quality program about 4months ago and the team’s individual call quality scores have only been going up since! We originally thought that our customer service team was pretty good (because they are!) but we quickly realised that the program gives the team that next level of confidence, knowledge, and experience to give your company that edge, in comparison to competitors. 110% recommend the program to any size company – big or small!"

Sharnie Chippindall, Business Development Manager, Duralift

"Not only have we seen a 5-fold reduction in our abandoned call rates and more than doubled our service level metrics within the first 4 months, now our teams are also empowered to develop themselves with the coaching that this Call Quality service provides. Luke and the team provided us the roadmap, now we are empowered to deliver for our customers."

Rebecca Lee, Managing Director - Merck Life Science

"This service has been invaluable across both the inbound and outbound teams and your ability to identify gaps, provide training and mentor team members at all levels is second to none. Thank you again for your ongoing support and we look forward to continuing to work together."

Jessica Miseski, Sales and Marketing Manager - Criterion Industries

What our clients say about Leadership Coaching

When I started my Leadership Journey, I felt I was handling everything that was being thrown my way. Until I wasn’t! When things got busy, I struggled through my days with both work and stress building up. Working with Alex O’Brien on a weekly basis I was able to learn more strategic ways to approach my day. With new strategies and Alex’s personnel insights, I was able to reduce my day-to-day stress and become the productive leader that my team needs me to be. I cannot recommend Alex’s services highly enough - 10/10

Brent Holland, QLD Operations Manager, R&BS


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