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Leadership Coaching

Our experienced leadership coaches have over 40 years of operational leadership experience between them, managing customer service and sales teams of between 4-130 people.   They are passionate about supporting new, and experienced leaders alike, to grow their core competencies and practical skills.  We believe that the best way to improve the performance of your leaders, and the teams they lead, is to invest in them and that’s what we are proud to offer.


Our support options for your leaders currently include a structured Leadership Course offering weekly coaching, topical conversations, and reflection activities.  This course promotes learning and building of new skills.   We also partner with our clients to offer Leadership Mentoring which provides day to day ad hoc support as needed.  It is best suited to the leader who is on the go and needs that additional support to operate effectively in the role. 



Leadership Course topics and descriptions:


  • Personal Branding: Define who you want to be known for as a leader & how to live your authentic leadership brand

  • What Makes a Great Leader: Take steps to grow from the leader you are to the best leader you can be

  • Position Description Revision:  Ensure you’re clear on the expectations, tasks and responsibilities of your role

  • Feedback Modelling: Learn & practice how to give and receive feedback effectively

  • 1 on 1’s with Staff: Covering how to schedule, prepare for & conduct effective 1 on 1 meetings with your staff

  • Effective Communication:  What are the keys to effective Written and Verbal Communication with your team

  • Effective Delegation: Who to, what to, how to, when to & follow up required for an effective delegation process

  • Crucial Conversations:  How to recognise, prepare for & effectively execute difficult or confronting conversations

  • Create the Right Environment: How to foster a workplace conducive to effective collaboration, growth & empowerment.

  • Discipline:   The processes - Who, What, Where, When, Why & How

  • Leading by Example:  How to ensure your behaviour models what you want to see in others in the workplace

  • Time Management Tools:  How to plan your day / week / month effectively and stick to the plan

  • Complaints Handling:  Steps to take to ensure customer satisfaction

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